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'Magic in a Bottle': Why an Eyebrow Oil is Your Ticket to the Brows of Your Dreams

Oils have long been a part of traditional hair maintenance regimes, for their wide-ranging benefits from hair growth to health boosting, yet its use somehow largely seems to remain restricted to use on the scalp hair only. Just like the hair on your scalp, the hairs on your eyebrows need to be looked after too but chances are you probably haven’t even remotely considered the idea of an eyebrow oil just yet. You’re probably thinking ‘an oil for my eyebrows, seriously?! Why would I even need that?’. Well, hang tight, because you’re in for a game-changer.. trust us!

Oils For the Eyebrows

  • If we sat down to list all the benefits of hair oils from moisturizing to strengthening to nourishing, the list would never end. In the simplest terms, oils contain fatty acids with properties that help lubricate, protect and stimulate the hair strand in its entirety - all the way from the internal roots, glands and cuticles to the external hair shafts visible to the eye. Of course, every oil is unique and will have different effects on the hair, but the bottom line is no matter what oil you use, your hair will only have plenty to gain, not lose.

  • When it comes to maintenance of the eyebrows, essential oils (sourced from plant-based extracts), are a highly effective remedy. Although typically used as holistic medicine in aromatherapy for soothing and healing, essential oils also have a number of nutritional benefits relevant to beauty, hair and skincare. Typically, the challenges faced by one of our most desirable facial features - the eyebrows - relate to poor growth, dryness, breakage, and overall undernourishment. And the consensus? A lack of potent products on the market that target these much-wanted areas of improvement. Luckily, at Brow Code, we DO have an answer that’ll put your brow worries to rest.

Brow Code Brow Gold Oil

The Answer: Brow Gold Oil

Meet our hero product - the Brow Gold Nourishing Growth Oil - a premium eyebrow oil developed with not one but FIVE essential oils widely favoured and approved by beauty industry experts. What’s in the mix? A unique blend featuring Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Rosemary Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Geranium Oil, created with a 100% natural formulation and no additives. An all-natural product that elevates your brow care routine to the next level? It can’t get better than this. Let’s briefly have a look at some of the benefits of each of these essential oils.


CASTOR OIL - Prevents inflammation and guards hair follicles

ARGAN OIL - Protects and reduces breakage

ROSEMARY OIL - Stimulates and promotes hair growth

SWEET ALMOND OIL - Hydrates and moisturizes

GERANIUM OIL - Nourishes and strengthens

Brow Code Brow Gold Oil

Collectively, the five oil formula acts to improve the thickness of the eyebrow hairs, promotes new growth in sparse areas, reduces brittleness and hair loss, and infuses both the hairs and the skin with rich nutrients and proteins. An all-encompassing and multipurpose eyebrow care product, Brow Code’s Brow Gold Oil is truly a win-win in every sense.

90 Day Independent Study

Like all skincare and maintenance products, eyebrow oils also require regular, continued application for real progress.. it won’t happen overnight! Brow Gold Oil can do wonders for the health of the eyebrows in the long run, so we asked our users what they thought. We conducted an independent study with 50 participants across the world to measure the effectiveness of this standout product. These were the results.

95% of participants noticed BROW HAIR GROWTH

98% of participants said their brows appear THICKER AND FULLER

93% of participants said their brows felt more HYDRATED AND NOURISHED

98% of participants say the oil is an EFFECTIVE BROW CARE PRODUCT

98% of participants FEEL MORE CONFIDENT with their brow appearance

Now those figures are something. We weren’t lying when we said this product is next..level..effective. Our participants couldn’t stop talking about all the different ways in which Brow Gold Oil benefited their eyebrows. Here’s what they told us.

5 Different Ways to Use Brow Gold Oil for the Eyebrows

For using as brow lamination aftercare

"I do lamination quite often so having this oil has been a game changer. They're felt so healthy and conditioned. If you get brow lamination done like me, you need to use a replenishing oil like this one. You know you get that crunchy feeling on your brows when your get a lamination - using this oil has really helped with that."

For treating dryness

"I get a lot of dry skin underneath my brows which causes me to lose hairs, this has really been helping with that. My skin feels absolutely amazing. Using this oil has made my 'brow dandruff' go away completely."

For boosting growth in sparse brows

“Really good for people who have problematic areas struggling with density, etc. If you’ve accidentally waxed off too much hair you NEED to use this brow oil. I’ve noticed genuine, authentic growth in my sparse areas. I never thought my brows could grow back where I over plucked.”

For strengthening the brow hairs

“I cannot say enough positive things about this. The oil really nourishes and enhances and promotes a healthier brow. I leave it overnight for it to work its magic. My brows are not just fuller but I’ve got thicker, stronger quality hairs that don’t break off easily.”

And, simply for feeling beautiful..

“I feel so much more confident being able to be bare-face. I usually have to fill in my eyebrows.. Now I just feel comfortable walking out the house without doing that.”

Brow Care is the New Self-Care

It’s safe to say that oils and eyebrow maintenance go hand in hand, when it comes to stimulating, enriching care. To recap, an eyebrow oil - particularly Brow Code’s Brow Gold Oil - has many all-around benefits for your eyebrows including promoting hair growth, strengthening and nourishing, hydrating the brows and skin, replenishing the brows with nutrients following chemical styling treatments like Brow Lamination (ideal for Tint and Henna aftercare too), and more. 


A product like Brow Gold Oil doesn’t just focus on hair growth but instead works to improve the overall quality of the hairs through deep conditioning and nourishment which in turn leads to stronger, thicker, longer hairs with limited breakage. In a time where basically ANYONE you ask will swear by the power of good skincare and haircare practices, there’s every reason for you to incorporate a brow care product into your routines. 


Not all of us are blessed with the gift of healthy brows (and trust us, we know that), but with Brow Gold Nourishing Growth Oil you can turn that around in no time. Fuller, healthier, nourished and grown-out eyebrows, in a non-invasive, all-natural treatment. Say no more.

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