From Glitter to Glam: The Best Eyebrow Looks from New York Fashion Week 2022

From Glitter to Glam: The Best Eyebrow Looks from New York Fashion Week 2022

Come September, the world’s ‘big four’ fashion capitals - New York, London, Paris, and Milan - get ready to put on a dazzling parade of designer works through each of their bi-annual fashion weeks, and like always New York led the way. During this 2022 fall season of the New York Fashion Week, all six days were packed with a 100+ display of the industry’s best labels, designers and fashion houses presenting their Spring/Summer 2023 collections to Manhattan’s elite.

We saw some impressive outfits rocked by runway models and our favourite celebrities in the front row and the exclusive afterparties, along with an assortment of hair and beauty looks. Unsurprisingly, the brows played a big part in crafting these looks and we filtered through the 5 best eyebrow looks from the New York Fashion Week 2022 that stood out from the crowd, for you.

From Janet Jackson’s snatched up sleek brows to Julia Fox’s breakup-incited, grunge-filled look, here are our top picks.

Harlem's Fashion Row

Kicking things off in style for New York Fashion Week 2022 was the opening act of Harlem’s Fashion Row - a truly special display of fashion celebrating its 15th year into Fashion Show and Style Awards. Based around the concept of calling attention to Black creatives and designers, the show took on the theme of multiculturalism and diversity through an ultra-futuristic showcase. 

Designer Johnathan Hayden’s models flaunting rhinestone covered eyebrows and hair was easily our favorite moment of the night. We already know the 2020s have been a decade obsessed with adding jewelery to their brows, and HFR’s models really showed us why. Would you just look at that sweet, full-of-oomph glam?

Janet Jackson

Making her first fashion week appearance in nearly 10 years was none other than the icon, Janet Jackson herself. We mean it when we say the queen of pop had all eyes on her throughout - in the front row and after party alike. From being clad in an all-black blazer set to glowing in a full sparkle jumpsuit to adorning a long fluffy tulle skirt, Jackson’s New York Fashion Week 2022 looks were majestic to say the least and actually did justice to her grandeur. 


Complementing Jackson’s steal-the-show worthy fashion were her sculpted brows, created by makeup artist Preston Meneses, giving us all the feels of a drag-inspired eyebrow look. One thing we learned from Janet Jackson’s brows this NYFW was that sharply elevated arches can go a long way in lifting your look, especially if you want to awaken your boss bitch spirit.


Oh and did we forget to mention, Janet Jackson took home the ICON of the year award during the Harlem’s Fashion Row after party on the 6th of September. Kudos, queen.

  • Use the Creamades Brow Pomade for crisp and defined brows like Janet Jackson’s and highlight the arch along the brow bone with a translucent setting powder.

Doja Cat

No eyebrow is the new eyebrow in Doja Cat’s world, we’ve known that for sometime now. In her usual eccentric style, Doja basked in the limelight of New York Fashion Week 2022 with the most off-centre fashion and beauty looks. Her brows were much the same, ranging from a completely nude brow bone to a pencil thin drawn-on line decorated with hearts, bright blue color and face paint.

Doja Cat’s got the imagination like no other, we’ll give her that.

  • We don’t recommend shaving off your eyebrows as they can take very long to grow back. Choose the temporary route and cover the hairs with a concealer for a nude look. Decorate as desired with facial paint and cosmetics.

Bella Hadid

The fashion runway would have been incomplete without a bleached brow moment, the latest celebrity obsession as we come to know it. Sporting the bleached brow in New York Fashion Week 2022 was none other than Bella Hadid herself, who graced the catwalk for both Fendi, in the 25th anniversary of its iconic baguette bag, and Proenza Schouler’s Spring Summer 2023 collection. The ultra-lightened (but not completely invisible) brows blended in seamlessly to her overall minimalistic-no-makeup-makeup aesthetic giving freshest of the fresh feels.


It’s already known that Bella Hadid is a trendsetter in her own right, so we can only expect the brow look to extend past the runway to beauty lovers who are sure to follow in her footsteps.

  • Any hair bleach can be used to dye the brow hairs to a lighter color. We recommend going for a faux bleach look instead by faking the lightened shade. Apply a coat of concealer on the brows (making sure to not go too light) and fill in with strokes of the Imitations Micro Pencil in Light Ash Blonde and blend for a super light, beige bleach effect like Bella’s.

Julia Fox

It’s safe to say that Julia Fox basically ruled over 2022’s New York Fashion Week all the way through, with her unorthodox, exaggerated style - as per usual. Starting off with an all-black fishnet couture gown at the Vogue afterparty, the actress was all about gothic and skin-showing fashion from the get-go (what’s new, right?). At LaQuan Smith’s show, Fox arrived with yet another black ensemble, coupled with her classic black chunky eyeliner look and a totally exposed midriff. And to push boundaries to the max in a truly Julia Fox style, she went for a Joanna Prażmo waxy naked dress, complete with a cellophane wrapped heels and purse pair that she actually put together herself an hour before the event.


From the neck up, Julia Fox’s New York Fashion Week 2022 makeup was of course heavy around the eyes. While her brow look of choice was majorly the bold bleached eyebrow which she is no stranger to, we quite loved the perfectly-groomed, unarched, and sharp angled brow where we could actually see her hairs. Something like Kendall Jenner’s straight eyebrows, but more 45 degrees and less 180. A great way to neutralize that dramatic liner, don’t you think?

Glitter Eyebrows

In Peter Do’s Ready to Wear SS23 show, brows were literally shining above all else. Glitter, an accessory usually reserved for the eyelids and cheeks, was flaunted in bright metallic colours on models’ eyebrows, directly contrasting the otherwise basic, low-key vibe of the collection. Glittered eyebrows is the peak of avant-garde brow fashion in 2022, until of course something new comes our way. We’re obsessed.

Share your favorite eyebrow looks from New York Fashion Week 2022

The Spring Summer 2023 Collections of this year’s New York Fashion Week was a melting pot of creativity in not just design and fashion, but also beauty, makeup and eyebrow styling. If you loved any of these eyebrow looks from NYFW or want to share your own, recreate them with Brow Code’s extensive range of styling products today, share them on your Instagram and don’t forget to tag @browcode

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